This "Great Prize of Wallonie", organized by the "Jeunesses Culturelles", drew a lot of people in the Centre of Leisure in Mont-sur-Marchienne (Belgium). More than sixty artists, coming from Belgium or France, showed their paintings, scultptures, photographs, ceramics and other high standard works. The President, Walter Wachtelaer, was satisfied of the success of this exhibition. Seven artists, who won the International Vermeil Medal, were especially congratulated : Catherine De Ryck (watercolour), Christian Rzyski (watercolour), Henri Destrebecq (pastel and watercolour), Imelda Feraille (watercolour), Muriel Besombes (charcoal - pencils), Pierre Gilles (charcoal - pencils), and Cathy Leclercq (pottery and sculpture). Like Jean-Luc Strea, winner in 2001, who has already showed his works in Paris, in Spain and in Portugal, these artists will also be in demand everywhere in Europe. The initiative will certainly bear its fruits.

Written by M.S. "La Nouvelle Gazette", 5th July 2007.